Eriosyce: a rewarding challenge!

In this article we will take a look at some of the magnificent plants belonging to the genus Eriosyce. 

We use Eriosyce as a collective term only, within our nursery we continue to use the older names such as:

  • Neochilenia 
  • Neoporteria 
  • Islaya 
  • Horridocactus 
  • Pyrrhocactus 
  • Chileorebutia 

The older names are, in our opinion, easier to use to identify the various Eriosyce species. 
They are more indicative of form and appearance. 

Eriosyce is one of those genus with a highly complicated and admittedly confusing taxonomy. 
It becomes even trickier when buying seeds as you could purchase the same variety from 3 different vendors and end up with 3 completely different plants! 

Insider tip! 
Just pick the ones you like! 

Horridocactus esmerldana

Without a doubt one of the more challenging cacti to grow but don't let that put you off. 

Newer to cacti or just a little nervous about growing one of the more challenging genus?
We would recommend selecting a grafted specimen.

If you can grow a garden shrub, you can grow a grafted Eriosyce.  

Eriosyce F1 hybrid (SCG) 


We'll finish of this article with a pictorial of some Eriosyce highlights. 

Plants sold through our nursery

Neochilenia carrizalensis 'ultra black'

Pyrrhocactus totoralensis FR492 


Pyrrhocactus paucicostatus 

Eriosyce F1 hybrid  

Flower extravaganza! 

Eriosyce F1 hybrid (SCG) 

Eriosyce F1 hybrid (SCG) 

Eriosyce F1 hybrid (SCG) 

The old and the savage!

Neochilenia glaucescens


Neoporteria clavata serananna

Neochilenia taltalensis

The next generation!

Pyrrhocactus megliolli 

Eriosyce F2 hybrid (SCG)

Eriosyce F2 hybrid (SCG)

And a few more because why not!?

Neochilenia napina

Islaya copiapoides

Islaya unguispinum


Coming soon....
Our definitive guide to growing Eriosyce.