Our plants

We specialise in rare and unusual cacti and succulents with a strong focus on hybrids.

There are many possibilities when collecting cacti and succulents as to what to focus on.

Our focus has 2 distinct categories:

      1.  Flowers
        Cacti have some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring flowers in the entire plant kingdom!
        We offer many cacti bred specifically for their flowers, some of these are available nowhere else thanks to our in house hybrid programs.

      2. Form
        Plants that are cultivated for the way they look “normally” or when not flowering. This doesn't mean they necessarily have flowers of lesser quality (many cacti fall into both categories) but the key interest with these plants is the body or form.
        These plants are the definition of living art and we are incredibly proud to bring you some fine examples of form bred plants.

Nearly everything we grow lives in greenhouses all year round but can easily* adapt to living outside.

*ALL of the plants we sell have certain requirements with regards to watering, some are not suitable to live outside if exposed to rain.

If you are looking for plants suitable for gardens or exposed sites just look out for “garden ready” that will tell you which plants are suitable for gardens.

Garden ready plants  are suitable for sites with exposure to rain.

Extremely wet or boggy sites are not suitable


How we grow 

We grow plants with the intention of them living long and happy lives in peoples collections.

Below are 3 examples of techniques we use to ensure strong and healthy plants.


Xerophyte substrate mixes

Our substrate mixes are up to 95% inorganic material.

This promotes a strong and healthy root system, something that is vital for the long term success of your plants.

The trade off for us?
Our plants grow slower but it's a cost we'll gladly pay!

Minimum inorganic material for cacti = 60% 

Minimum inorganic material for succulents = 30%

Drought cycles

We run multiple extended drought cycles on our cacti, often starting when they are just a few months old.
These cycles tap into their innate strength and resilience promoting strong and healthy plants.

We use fertiliser very sparingly with our plants, this means an application of fertiliser up to a maximum of 2 times in any 1 growing season.

Minimum established time frames

All seed grown (SG) plants are a minimum of 2 years old

All of the grafts we offer for sale have been grafted for a minimum of 3 months to ensure a solid union and performance of scion (the top bit)

All of the de-grafts we offer for sale have been de-grafted for a minimum of 6 months* to ensure a healthy root system.

*we start counting 6 months when roots have formed and the scion is potted.

If for example it were to take 6 months for roots to form, we would start counting at the 6 month mark (12 month process for us)

This policy also applies to plants grown from cuttings.



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