Shipping info

Here's a quick guide to how our store works 



Single item listings:
Only photo's of that exact plant on offer are used.

Multi item listings:
(when multiples of a plant or a mix / random selection of plants is offered)
We only use photos from the actual group of plants your purchase will be selected from.


We do not recycle photos (except for eye candy purposes on our website) 


The exception to this rule is when we may use stock flower photos to indicate potential flower colours and forms.
We make every effort to ensure these are from the actual group of plants on offer however there will be occasions where plants on offer have not flowered and as such, examples may be used.

This will always be clearly noted in the listing.

Shipping days 

Our mail days are MONDAY only. 
This is to minimise the time your plants spend in transit.

Shipping method

We ship using Australia Post and only use express post service.

Please note: We do not offer standard delivery or pick up. 


Shipping rates
Orders under $150 - Flat rate $15.00 
Orders Over $150 - FREE SHIPPING 

Cut off times

Monday dispatch cut off is Sunday 9pm 


We have spent years growing your new prickly (or not so prickly) friends, the last thing we want is for them to be damaged during transit. 
Each plant will be individually wrapped, padded and spines protected to the absolute best of our abilities.

We will select the best packing box size for your order, this does not affect the price you pay for postage. 


Hey you! 

Here's something cool about the packaging we use!

ALL of our packaging materials are plastic free!
Most are made with recycled paper products.

Everything we pack plants with to send is home compostable and plastic free.

There's no tricky wording or * here – we only us genuine home compostable products that are plastic free.

There are a myriad of packaging materials that use deceptive wording and phrases to give the impression they are better for the environment such as “degradable” or “biodegradable” many of these products still contain plastic, by definition, everything is biodegradable..... eventually!


All of the packaging we use is PLASTIC FREE.


Items damaged in transit

Unfortunately despite our best efforts, sometimes parcels cannot withstand the brutality Australia Post are capable of. 
In the event your parcel arrives damaged please ensure you do the following:

Photograph the parcel PRIOR to opening it from multiple angles
Open the parcel and check what items are damaged, photograph the damage. 
Get in touch with us and we will work with you to have the issue resolved


We do not accept responsibility for items damaged in the post as this is completely outside our control. 


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